Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation is what we love and do best! We have strong relationships with all our suppliers and have aligned ourselves with reputable air conditioning brands which supply only the best Inverter and non-inverter units. This enables us to tailor each installation to the exact needs of our clients.


Being in the industry for 27 years we know a thing or two about air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems. Our experienced staff are able to diagnose and repair your faulty unit in no time. If your unit requires parts, we will provide an upfront quote before any further work is done.


 We pride ourselves on our excellent ability to maintain, service & repair any brand or type of air conditioning unit with the utmost attention and professionalism. Whether it’s a Multifaceted compressor change, major or general service our skillful technicians will ensure that your unit will be ready for your cooling or heating pleasure. 

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Questions & Information
All-Temp Services - Aircon Detection and Repair
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We’re passionate about our clients and committed to providing expert advice, exceptional service and quality products!

We specialise in Air Conditioning Sales and Installations of all air conditioning type units including services and repairs. We can advise you on the units most suitable to your needs, application and price, due to that fact that we specialise in a wide range of brands.
We supply good quality Inverter and Non-Inverter units with excellent backing from capable suppliers

All-Temp Services - Aircon Repair and Servicing


The AC is the most important investment you can make in your home. It can be one of the most expensive too! You need someone who will be there to help you with any problem related to your temperature regulation system. Our goal is to provide quality, reliable service and save you on costs. Our service team will provide you with excellent service that meet your needs. We look forward to serving you

Trusted Brands we supply

Don't know what size aircon you require?

For a professional assessment of the correct size of air-conditioner required you can contact us and one our qualified air-con technicians will do an on-site check as there are a number of different factors to consider when sizing an air conditioner.

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