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Choose from our selection of Alliance Units, with a 5-year warranty on components and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

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Alliance is a trusted brand in the air conditioning industry, offering a wide range of reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning units for both residential and commercial spaces. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Alliance combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service to provide superior cooling solutions that keep you comfortable and happy all year round.

Alliance products

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  • Hi-Wall Inverter and fixed speed
  • Air Curtains
  • Under-Ceiling Inverter and fixed speed
  • Cassette Inverter and fixed speed
  • Ducted Inverter and fixed speed
  • Floor Standing

Residential and Light Commercial Products

Alliance Aqua Mid-wall Non-Inverter

Alliance Aqua Mid-wall Inverter

Alliance Mid-wall Non-Inverter

Alliance Mid-wall Inverter

Alliance Mid-wall Inverter Pro

Neocool Midwall Non-Inverter



Air Curtain

Cassette Non-Inverter

Cassette Inverter


Underceiling Non-Inverter

Ducted Light Commercial Non-Inverter

Underceiling Inverter

Ducted Light Commercial Inverter

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  • The cost of the back-to-back aircon installation (i.e. indoor unit located on the other side of the wall opposite the outdoor unit) with available plug point for the 9000btu,  12000btu, 18000btu and 24000btu

    The cost of this installation includes the following:

    • Up to 1.5metres of Copper refrigerant piping ( We do not use Aluminium as it is prone to breaking & leaking), drain pipe and cable.
    • Outdoor mounting bracket (if required)
    • Installation to a maximum height of 3metres above ground level
    • Drilling of one hole for piping
    • Holes will be filled but not painted

If there are any additional spares needed, a quote will be sent to you separately i.e.

  • Any required piping and cabling in addition to the piping and cabling referred to above, or electrical connection to the main switchboard
  • Traveling expenses in the event of the installation being out of radius
  • Any other extras, including but not limited to:
    • external isolators and additional electrical work required
    • any additional refrigerant piping, insulation, drain pipe and cable
    • trunking to cover piping

Please note an electrical supply is not included in the quote unless stated otherwise. A qualified electrician must install an isolator at your own cost in order to receive a COC certificate. He must install the isolator not more than 2 metres from the condenser and within view of the condenser. 

Power Supply For A Standard Air Conditioner:

These air conditioning units don’t need a separate power supply and can be plugged into a wall socket:

• Room size up to 18m² = 9 000 BTU

• Room size up to 25m² = 12 000 BTU

• Room size up to 36m² = 18 000 BTU

The Following Aircon Units Need A Separate Power Supply & Isolator In order To Recieve A COC ( For More Information Contact our technical team on 082 786 5316)

• Room size up to 50m² = 24 000 BTU

• Room size up to 60m² = 30 000 BTU

• Room size up to 72m² = 36 000 BTU

• Room size up to 96 m² = 48 000 BTU

• Room size up to 120m² = 60 000 BTU

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