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Mid -Wall Split

The Mid wall split unit is the most common air conditioning unit used in  your home and or office offices.
It is the most economical choice for any home owner.
It is perfect for bedrooms and offices up to 60 square meters.
It consists of an indoor unit and outdoor unit linked by refrigeration piping.

Capacities-Ranging From 9000 Btu’s to 34 000 Btu’s

Under-Ceiling split

Under ceiling fitted units for large areas such as wedding venues, retail outlets and extended office spaces. These units are more popular for large open areas with higher than average ceilings and with more people on average, such as restaurants etc.

Capacities – Ranging from 12 000 Bu’s to 60 000 Btu’s


These are ceiling fitted units best suited to bigger offices and upmarket home applications. The inside unit is fitted into the ceiling and the outside unit to an outside location. As the compressor can be mounted up to 50m away from the inside unit, a silent operation is assured. 

Capacities – Ranging From 12 000 Btu’s to 60 000 Btu’s

Window Wall Unit

Window Walls require a large opening to be made in a wall or window, therefore they are best suited for applications where provision has been made for them at the building design stage. Window Walls can also quite easily be installed in Temporary Offices / Containers on Building site. 

​ Capacities – Ranging From 9 000 Btu’s to 24 000 Btu’s

Portable Unit

These are  portable air con units, best suited to  server rooms as well as a quick and effective way to relieve heat in the room if you do not  have a standard mid-wall split.  The unit can be moved around provided there is a window nearby for the a flexible exhaust hose to vent . Portable is the perfect answer for economical environmentally-friendly climate control.

Capacities – 12 00btu’s

Ducted Units

These systems are fully concealed in an indoor unit mounted in the ceiling, linked to a separate outdoor compressor unit, ducted splits allow the cooling of several areas via ducts in ceilings or walls. Suited to large offices and homes where decor is not. 

Capacities – Ranging from 12 000 Btu’s to 300 000 Btu’s

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