Livoltek Hyper-5000

The Best Residential All-In-One Energy Storage System

The LIVOLTEK All-in-One Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a comprehensive solution for residential solar power. Combining a hybrid inverter and low-voltage batteries, this system enables you to reduce electricity bills and achieve greater energy independence from the grid. With advanced features such as enhanced energy harvest, compact design, and appealing aesthetics, it efficiently utilizes space while seamlessly blending with your home’s appearance. The system facilitates faster installations through plug-and-play functionality and provides easy maintenance with remote monitoring capabilities. Whether as a pure solar inverter or expandable storage, it empowers homeowners to optimize solar energy utilization and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and versatile energy storage solution.

Product Features

Play and plug connection saves 40% installation time

A unique arc design supports an all-in-one or split application

More solar power being used, less from the grid

Large energy storage capacity of up to 25 kWh

Remote diagnosis & upgrade to help minimize time-consuming manual maintenance

High quality safety materials provide firm protection for devices

Compatible Products

Monitoring System
Residential Lithium Battery
Smart EV Charger
PSD200-FI Dongle
Smart Meter

Livoltek Monitoring System


AC Output @ Grid

  • AC Input Voltage/Frequency: 186 ~ 290Vac / 50/60Hz
  • Nominal AC Power: 5000W
  • Nominal AC Current: 21.7A

EPS Output @ Off Grid:

  • EPS Output Voltage/Frequency: 220Vac / 50/60Hz, Single Phase
  • Continuous Output Power (@25C): 5kVA
  • EPS Output Current: 21.7A
  • Peak Power: 1.1 x Pnom, 10 Sec; 1.5 x Pnom, 100ms
  • Power Factor: ~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 Leading to 0.8 Lagging)
  • Waveform: Pure Sinusoidal Wave

Battery Input:

  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Battery Voltage: 40~60V
  • Galvanic Isolation for Battery: Yes
  • Max Charge Current: 100A
  • BMS Communication: CAN/RS485
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection

Solar Input:

  • Max. PV Voltage: 600V
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 125-550V
  • Max. PV Current: 14/14A
  • Max. Short Circuit Current: 17.5/17.5A
  • Strings Per MPP Tracker: 1
  • No. of MPP Trackers: 2


  • Euro Efficiency: 97%
  • Max. Efficiency: 97.80%

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